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"People love to say 'Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime.' What they don't say is 'And it would be nice if you gave him a fishing rod.' That's the part of the analogy that's missing." [Trevor Noah]

I grew up in an area where opportunity wasn't always easy to come by.  I've known many people with incredible skills, but not all have had the opportunity to utilise them.  I enjoy seeing potential where other people may not, whether that's in people or objects.  Boe is about giving that potential the resources to shine.

We produce so many products today in such high volumes, that it is almost always cheaper to buy new than replace.  A TV, toaster or chair can be bought for less than the cost of a couple of hours professional labour repairing your old one.  Less people looking to repair means less businesses repairing and less parts available.  Combine this with planned obsolescence of many electronic products and you have incredible waste.

I believe that a lot of discarded products have a huge amount of potential that can be unleashed with a little bit of creativity, and I want to make that a reality.  I want to reimagine products in such a way that the question of buying a new product or a used one is no longer relevant.



New or Old

Today when you go out to buy something, you have decided whether you are going to buy something new or something old before you have even left your house.  You chose to buy new because you want reliability, or durability, or fashion, or functionality.  You chose to buy used because of price, or style, or feel.  We want to blend the features of new and old so well that people will no longer have reason to chose between new and old.


Whether you have a single item that you love and would love to continue to use, or you're interested in re-imagining a product in a way that will appeal to thousands of others, Boe will make it happen.  Whether you're looking for a one off build created just for you, or everything you need to start re-imagining for yourself, Boe offers the design, development, prototyping and production capabilities to achieve it.  Re-imaginings and second chances are our passion


Interested to see what can be done with products that have been left behind? At Boe we produce our own range of products which show what can be achieved when we put our minds to it.  Head to the Shop to see what we've been up to.

Our Approach

Our Story




Founder, Designer, Engineer, Creative.

My whole life I've been recreating and re-imagining.  As a kid I collected bicycles from hard rubbish, rebuilt them, customised them and rode them. I spent 3 years re-imagining my first car before I was even able to take it for a first drive.  I've sold painted suit jackets at markets and re-imagined furniture in Melbourne stores.  Finding value where others don't see it is my passion.


3rd Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off Australia 2016 (small cc)

1st Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off Australia 2015

Top 10 Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off 2014

Least Likely to Make it Shitbox Rally 2012