Boe Vintage Bluetooth Speakers are go!

Recycling is better than dumping. Re-using is better than recycling. Continuing to use is better than re-using. I believe that we can re-make old unused products so that they are as good or better than new ones. I believe that in doing so we can blur the line between new and used, and reduce the stigma around secondhand. I believe that this is the way forward for socially responsible design.

As a result of this, I am excited to announce that Boe has today launched its first volume re-manufactured product, the Boe Vintage Bluetooth Speaker. Embodying all of the above concepts, the Boe speaker turns old AM radios from decorative dust collectors to fun and functional portable bluetooth speakers. Adding only a small circuitboard and a little new wiring, we are taking something unuseable and making it useful again, while also eliminating the need to produce something new.

We have put together a beautiful range of bluetooth speakers, every one unique, and every one available for sale now through our Kickstarter campaign.

Boe Vintage Bluetooth Speakers are only the beginning. There are a range of other products in development including the long awaited, street legal, return of the electric Honda Cub. If share our values please help make our vision a reality by spreading the word about our radios on Friday, and about our other projects ongoing. If you see an opportunity need assistance in repair, re-use, or re-creation, no matter how big or small, get in contact.