Can We Make Reuse More Accessible?

Yesterday we came across an article on the BBC talking about the rise of Kierrätyskeskus, giant Finnish secondhand and upcycled stores that are slowly spreading out across the country.  The article was discussing the positive environmental and social benefits of these shops, and asked why similar wasn’t available in the UK.

We have also been following closely the success of ReTuna, an entire shopping mall made up of used, recycled and recreated goods.  Closer to home it has been interesting to see how big an impact Savers stores have had on the charity shop scene with their large footprints and more carefully sorted and arranged stock, as well as more commercial operating hours.

These examples help to prove that the method of selling used goods can have a huge effect on sales success, and that people are willing to shop secondhand or remade if their shopping and product needs are met.  We believe that this concept can be pushed even further.  We want to see department stores in Australia (and around the world) that sell secondhand, repaired and reimagined goods that are as good as or better than new, and we want to be the ones to make this a reality.

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