The Machine Show 2017

Some people leave home at midnight to head out to a nightclub or rave. Not us. At midnight Friday night we began a 9+ hour drive to a little town outside of Canberra, known as Braidwood. The reason? The Machine Show.

We have long admired the work of The Machine Files, and have had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the work on a couple of occasions, so when we heard that he was going to be putting on a bike show nothing was going to keep us from being there.

We rolled into the Braidwood Showgrounds around 10 am and already there was a good buzz to the place. Hardy soles shaking off a big Friday night and defrosting from a few hours sleep with a hot coffee, and bikes of all shapes, sizes and makes everywhere we looked.

The warm welcome we received as we rolled our electric cub and our red rat (more on this in a later blog) into the show arena was to set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Attendees were made to feel welcome whether they atrived on an Areil or Ural and the overall vibe was the most laid back and positive I’ve ever experienced at a festival.

As our legs gave out from lack of sleep and wandering about checking out the wonderful array of 2 wheeled machinery, we were able to grab some shade watch the world go by. Young Henrys finest was available at the bar to help us relax into our straw-bale seats, while there was plenty of tasty food on hand to line the stomach.

At 4pm the awards were announced and we were lucky enough to snag one for the electric cub. The variety of awards presented really reinforced the fact that all bikes over 30 years old were welcome.

As the evening wore on we met plenty of familiar faces and a few new ones. A well earned huge sleep and laid back breakfast by the barrel fire bought us to our reluctant Sunday morning departure and long drive home. To everyone involved in making The Machine Show happen, well done. We can’t wait to see you again next year.

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