We have a dream.

We believe that old and recreated products can be as good as new, if not better. We believe that if we can remove the current barriers to shopping for these products, we can convince people to shop for products regardless of how or when they were made, rather than because of.

We dream of being able to open a space that is as big as a department store, filled only with quality secondhand, reclaimed, recreated and reimagined products. In doing so, we will be able to provide all of the benefits of shopping at a traditional department store, without the environmental price-tag.

We dream of being able to bring together the best craftspeople in Australia currently working with reclaimed materials and showcase them in a single easily accessible location.  We also dream of being able to assist charities by giving them an outlet where quality unique goods can attain extra value for their cause.

We dream of this space being opened right here in our home town of Geelong, because we believe that this is a city of second chances, just like our store.

If you share our dream get in contact.  We want to hear from craftspeople, landlords, community members, media outlets, and anyone who can help us make our dream a reality, because we believe that our dream can provide benefits for all.