We have a dream.

We dream of a space that is open to all people. A space where an individual can come and participate without judgement.  Where they can learn new skills, build relationships, and grow as an individual and a group.

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity, and we also believe that the same applies to objects.  In a world of excess waste and finite resources, we believe that there are ways to transform old objects to become as good or better than new, and we want to be able to enable others to be a part of that vision.

We also believe that such a space can be self sustaining, with the products it produces being desirable and marketable.

To achieve these visions we need your help.  We want to know if you would like to be involved in a space like this, in any form.  We also want to hear your vision for such a space, what do you imagine it has? How or where should it operate? Who should it engage with? Please get in contact with your ideas.