We’re on Kickstarter!



The time has arrived! Our Vintage Radio Bluetooth Speakers have hit Kickstarter and we can now share them with you all!

After a busy year in the workshop we’re excited to be able to bring you a completely unique product that merges out love of the old with the convenience of the new.  Introducing teh Boe Vintage Radio Bluetooth Speaker series.  Every bluetooth speaker is hand built from a carefully selected vintage radio.  We remove the unreliable old electronics and retrofit brand new buetooth amplifiers so that you can hook your phone up to our speakers to play whatever you want, wherever you want.

In order to make these a reality we’ve launched our very first Kickstarter campaign, and we’d love you to be involved.  Head to Boe Vintage Radio Bluetooth Speakers to check out our unique offerings and get your hands on one of our bluetooth speakers before anyone else.


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